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A valuable peroxidase activity from the novel species Nonomuraea gerenzanensis growing on alkali lignin

Judul Artikel:A valuable peroxidase activity from the novel species Nonomuraea gerenzanensis growing on alkali lignin
Judul Terbitan:Biotechnology Reports
Tempat Terbit:
Volume:Vol. 13 Issue 49 - 57 2017
Frekuensi Penerbitan:4 X 1 tahun
Penulis:Carmine Cascielloa, Fabio Tonina, Francesca Berini, Elisa Fasolic, Flavia Marinellia, Loredano Pollegioni, Elena Rosini
Abstraksi:Degradation of lignin constitutes a key step in processing biomass to become useful monomers but it remains challenging. Compared to fungi, bacteria are much less characterized with respect to their lignin metabolism, although it is reported that many soil bacteria, especially actinomycetes, attack and solubilize lignin. In this work, we screened 43 filamentous actinomycetes by assaying their activity on chemically different substrates including a soluble and semi-degraded lignin derivative (known as alkali lignin or Kraft lignin), and we discovered a novel and valuable peroxidase activity produced by the recently classified actinomycete Nonomuraea gerenzanensis. Compared to known fungal manganese and versatile peroxidases, the stability of N. gerenzanensis peroxidase activity at alkaline pHs and its thermostability are significantly higher. From a kinetic point of view, N. gerenzanensis peroxidase activity shows a Km for H2O2 similar to that of Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Bjerkandera enzymes and a lower affinity for Mn2+, whereas it differs from the six Pleurotus ostreatus manganese peroxidase isoenzymes described in the literature. Additionally, N. gerenzanensis peroxidase shows a remarkable dye-decolorizing activity that expands its substrate range and paves the way for an industrial use of this enzyme. These results confirm that by exploring new bacterial diversity, we may be able to discover and exploit alternative biological tools putatively involved in lignin modification and degradation.
Kata Kunci:Alkali lignin Kraft lignin Peroxidases Filamentous actinomycetes Nonomuraea gerenzanensis