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Bacterial Exopolysaccharide mediated heavy metal removal: A Review on biosynthesis, mechanism and remediation strategies
Agroteknologi | Biotechnology Reports
A valuable peroxidase activity from the novel species Nonomuraea gerenzanensis growing on alkali lignin
Agroteknologi | Biotechnology Reports
Comparison of total phenolic and antioxidant activity of different Mentha spicata and M. longifolia accessions
Agroteknologi | Annals of Agricultural Sciences Volume 61, Issue 2
Individual Psychology in the Slovak Republic
Psikologi | The Journal of Individual Psychology
The Impact of Deservingness on Schadenfreude and Sympathy: Further Evidence
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Career Success Implications of Political Skill
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Relational-Interdependent Self-Construal as a Predictor of Relationship Quality: The Mediating Roles of One’s Own Behaviors and Perceptions of the Fulfillment of Friendship Functions
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Chronic Procrastination Among Turkish Adults: Exploring Decisional, Avoidant, and Arousal Styles
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Giving Off a Rosy Glow: The Manipulation of an Optimistic Orientation
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Distancing from a Target Person With Cancer: The Role of Empathy-Inducing Instructions and Family History of Cancer
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology


Oral Drug Absorption : Prediction and Assessment
ed. Jennifer B Dressman;Hans Lannernas
Applied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Shargel Leon;Andrew BC Y
Introduction of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Practical Imunology
Hay, Frank C
Handbooks of Reference Methods for Plant Analysis
Kalra, Yash P
Handbook of Essensial Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drugs Metabolism For Industrial Scientiest
Kwon, Yo
Handbooks of Medicinal Herb
Duke, James
Clarkes Analysis of Drugs and Possions
Moffar, Antho
drugs Targeting Organ Sfesific Strategies
Molema, Grietje;Meijer
Edverse Effect of Herbal Drugs 3
De Smet, Pe