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Bacterial Exopolysaccharide mediated heavy metal removal: A Review on biosynthesis, mechanism and remediation strategies
Agroteknologi | Biotechnology Reports
A valuable peroxidase activity from the novel species Nonomuraea gerenzanensis growing on alkali lignin
Agroteknologi | Biotechnology Reports
Comparison of total phenolic and antioxidant activity of different Mentha spicata and M. longifolia accessions
Agroteknologi | Annals of Agricultural Sciences Volume 61, Issue 2
Individual Psychology in the Slovak Republic
Psikologi | The Journal of Individual Psychology
The Impact of Deservingness on Schadenfreude and Sympathy: Further Evidence
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Career Success Implications of Political Skill
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Relational-Interdependent Self-Construal as a Predictor of Relationship Quality: The Mediating Roles of One’s Own Behaviors and Perceptions of the Fulfillment of Friendship Functions
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Chronic Procrastination Among Turkish Adults: Exploring Decisional, Avoidant, and Arousal Styles
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Giving Off a Rosy Glow: The Manipulation of an Optimistic Orientation
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology
Distancing from a Target Person With Cancer: The Role of Empathy-Inducing Instructions and Family History of Cancer
Psikologi | The Journal of Social Psychology


Computational Music Analysis
Editor : David Meredith
Differential and Difference Equations : A Comparison of Methods of Solution
Leonard C. Maximon
Getting Started with TensorFlow : Get up and running with the latest numerical computing library by Google and dive deeper into your data!
Giancarlo Zaccone
Infographics : a practical guide for librarians
Beverley E. Crane.
Multimedia Content Analysis
Jens-Rainer Ohm
Modern database management
Jeffrey A. Hoffer; V. Ramesh; Heikki Topi
Music Similarity and Retrieval : An Introduction to Audio- and Web-based Strategies
Peter Knees; Markus Schedl
Concepts of Proff in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science
Editor: Dieter Probst; Peter Schuster
New Approaches in Intelligent Image Analysis : Techniques, Methodologies and Applications
Editors : Roumen Kountchev; Kazumi Nakamatsu
Propagation Engineering in Wireless Communications
Abdollah Ghasemi; Ali Abedi; Farshid Ghasemi